02 march, 2022

- Vaishali Bhatt

 Sore Throat: Home remedies

Both the ingredients help to ease out the throat discomfort. Tea also acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

1. Tea  and honey:


It acts as a herbal syrup for treating coughs that occur due to cold and bronchitis. 

2. Marshmallow root:


A warm cup of broth can soothe the soar throat and goes down easy as well.

3. Soup broth:


Certain essential oils like cypress consist of camphene which helps to make to feel your throat cool and refreshed. 

4. Essential oils:


Warm salt water gargle helps to comfort sore throat. It helps to kill bacteria. 

5. Gargle


It helps to relieve a sore throat as it contains menthol that helps to reduce mucus and comfort the throat. 

6. Peppermint:


It is considered a natural remedy for sore throats and gives relief from pain and inflammation. 

7. Fenugreek:


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