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"Tips To
Feel Better From
Head To Toe"

Yoga offers unbelievable physical and health benefits. The asanas help to improve circulation and flexibility in your body making you feel more energized and relaxed.

Check out the ultimate yoga poses!

Pose 1: 

Help to reduce and kill anxiety & stress. It also reduces mental fatigue. Aids in correcting body posture as well. 

Pose 2: 

A good digestive system is a major contributor to overall health as it is responsible for bringing nutrients to the body. And this asana helps you to improve your digestion!

Pose 3: 


To stretch your entire body at once you must try this bow pose. This asana not only helps you to lose weight but also improves your digestion power. It is also beneficial for blood circulation. 

The spine of your body supports you to perform each and every movement. This asana without any doubt helps you to make your spine flexible and also deals with lower back pains. 


Pose 4:

To release tension from your shoulders, arms, and spine you must try this asana. This asana is also helpful in getting rid of obesity. 


Pose 5:

Pose 6:

To re-energize your complete body this asana is one solution for all. It heals your body from insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

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