3 March, 2022

- Pinki Bakshi

Tips to Grow healthy

Hair fall and lack of growth occur due to a bad diet. Thus, a well-balanced diet with enough nutrition is necessary for hair growth. 


1.Re-check protein intake

Essential oil helps to boost hair growth. They contain strong chemical properties that are very much beneficial. Also, being effective lowers the risk of side effects as well. Different oils can do wonders for your health. 


 2.Essential oils 

Caffeine is a great energy booster. It also has positive hair growth effects.  It promotes new hair growth as well. 


 3.Try products that are  caffeine-infused 

When the person is under pressure because he/she is impacted by the restrictive diet the hairs are the ones that suffer the most and find difficulty in growing. Thus diet matters a lot. 


 4.Avoid restrictive diet 

Nutrition is very important for the overall growth and health of one's body as well as hair growth. Nutritions like: Vitamin C, D, E, zinc, iron, and omega are majopr contributor for hair growth. 


 5.Increase nutrition  level in your body 

A good head massage helps to boost healthy growth. Scalp massage dilates blood vessels which in turn leads to strong hair and heals them from damage as well. 


 6.Scalp massage 

- On time hair trimming.
- Use Aloe vera gel.
- Shampoo properly.
- Use egg mask.
- Rice water treatment.
- Use conditioners.
- Use herbal hair masks. 


 Additional Tips : 

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