Foods That Boosts Your Energy 10x.

By Pinki Bakshi


Fruits consist of a variety of sugars and fiber that are required for the body, a banana in time of day when feeling hungry is a good source of it.

 1. bananas 

Yogurt can be your quick snack that contains healthy bacteria, calcium and magnesium.

 2. Yogurt 

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C which contains potassium, folate, and fiber.

 3. Oranges 

Smoothies made of all-fruit are rich in natural sugar that helps maintain a balance.

 4. Smoothies 

Mix some nuts and seeds that help to maintain a good balance of vital nutrition. 

 5. Nut-mix 

Consume non-starchy veggies like cherry, tomatoes, carrots, etc. to boost your energy. 

 6. Vegetables 

Oats are good source of energy as it consists of glycogen which is helpful in fuelling brain and muscles.

 7. Oatmeal 

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