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01 March 2022

by Pinki Bakshi

Avocado is also known as Persea American, which is a fruit that belongs to the family of lauraceae, it is famous due to its rich creamy mild flavor.


- 56mg Vit E

- 360mg potassium

- 6g fibre

- 5g carbohydrates

- 6g fat

- 5g protein

- 152Kcal

An 80g portion of avocado contains:

 Nutrients Present Avocado


5. May help keep eyes healthy

4. May help to regulate appetite

3. May help to lower cholesterol

2. May support heart health

1. Avocados are nutritionally rich

 Health Benefit Of Avocado


Yes, Avocado is safe to eat but some groups of individuals may experience allergy this include oral allergy which may be triggered by a cross-reaction to birch pollen.

 Is avocado safe for   everyone? 


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