Why Sandra Bullock   is taking a pause   from movies 

 Prakash Kumar

25 March 2022

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On one of the coolest streets in Austin, a go-to for Staple, a café and flower shop in a century-old the hip and the hungry


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This is Walton's fancy and brick building owned and restored by actress-producer sandra bullock


“I love the idea of finding purpose for something that was created for another purpose originally,” she said


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This place, which was once a horse-and-carriage repair shop, is now a destination for local foodies


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To me, this is just as fulfilling as making movies,” Bullock told correspondent Tracy Smith


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“Because nobody wanted me to do it,” said Bullock


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“You think I’m kidding? I’m not! And Channing was the one willing to work out all the time. I was, like, ‘I’m not willing


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It’s the latest chapter in a career that’s taken her from a speeding city bus in 1994’s “Speed


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