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Why Airtel Corporate Broadband Plan Is Secure And Reliable

A broadband connection is the need of the hour today. Without a stable broadband connection that powers all the devices in our homes, having constant internet connectivity can be a big challenge.

The need for a powerful internet connection takes even more importance when it comes to matching your corporate needs.

In the corporate world, constant internet connectivity will help to scale up your business to newer levels. Moreover,

You will be able to communicate with the various stakeholders easily, boost productivity and get everything done faster.


Why Mobile data is not reliable at all times

Most of you may suggest that mobile data in the office works just fine. So, what even is the need to move to a corporate broadband plan? Well, there are a number of problems associated with mobile data plans, some of which are stated below:

  1. Mobile data is not always reliable as the speeds tend to vary a lot depending upon a number of external factors

  2. Inside rooms, mobile data may not provide the required results needed for a highly productive office environment

  3. The mobile phone tower might be located quite farther away from your office, significantly affecting your internet speeds

  4. Mobile phone data plans offer limited internet. Once the data in the plan is exhausted, you will have to pay a premium for a data booster pack. Otherwise, you have to wait until your day or month ends, to finally get your data plan back-up and running again

  5. Connecting your mobile phone to the laptop or PC and using the mobile hotspot feature can end up taking a toll on your smartphone’s battery. It will also heat up your device

  6. A mobile phone’s mobile data connection can be vulnerable to hackers if you have not taken proper precautions. As a result, your precious business secrets, IP addresses and more can be very easily tracked

Therefore, using your mobile data plan to meet the needs of your corporate requirements is not the ideal way out. So, what should you do?
The answer is: get a broadband connection

The many benefits of broadband over mobile data

Here is a list of the advantages that makes your broadband connection superior to that of any mobile data plan:

  1. Most of the internet broadband plan providers give unlimited broadband data. This means that you will never run out of data, no matter how you use the internet.
  2. You get to access constant internet. There are no internet disruptions anymore.

  3. Constant network connectivity also translates into increased productivity levels all around the office.

  4. With broadband internet’s blazing fast speed, you can manage even more of your corporate responsibilities, delegate tasks faster, engage in video calls, etc.
  5. Broadband helps you to connect a large number of devices to the wifi connection. However, the total number of devices that you connect eventually depends upon the plan that you are using. Even then, you can connect many devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, ands experience world class internet on each of them.
  6. Fiber connectivity also plays a huge role in maintaining constant internet speed for your broadband connection.

  7. You can also use a broadband connection for wifi calling. When the mobile network inside the building isn’t satisfactory but you still need to make a call, wifi calling can be a big help. 

Heavy internet consuming activities that require constant internet connection:

  1. IoT based devices that may be present within the office

  2. High definition video calls with clients, other officials, multiple other stakeholders

  3. Run resource management and project management software more easily

  4. Using multiple cloud based software features

  5. Various forms of collaborative tools to get the best business results

Now we have established the fact that a broadband connection is the go-to solution for you. However, to match the office needs, going for a corporate broadband plan is the better choice, always.

You might be asking, why need a corporate broadband plan? Well, to find out, read on.

Why choose corporate broadband plan when normal broadband will do just as fine?

Today, the world of business has become cutthroat, and the competition is fierce. Furthermore, with so many businesses coming up and newer technologies being invented every other day, moving ahead is only going to become harder.

Amidst such glaring challenges, why should you have a broadband network that is meant for light users and for homes? Instead, you should go for a network plan that is specifically meant to serve the businesses of tomorrow.

Corporate plans, when chosen carefully, provide you a wide range of exclusive corporate benefits, that make your office internet extremely secure. Features such as enterprise grade security to protect your data, antivirus solutions and more – these are available with some of the most well-known internet service providers

For a safe and trustworthy corporate connection, only trust the big names

One of the most reputed brands that provide a very safe and reliable corporate broadband connection is Airtel. The Airtel corporate plan covers a wide range of aspects, that is meant to enhance the security of your workspace. An Airtel corporate connection also ensures that your internet never comes in the way of your productivity.

Security features in Airtel corporate broadband plan

Here’s a list of the advanced state of the art features available with the Airtel corporate broadband plan:

  1. The in-built DNS security feature within the broadband ensures that it blocks out harmful domains, cloud based software and IP addresses that may affect your security

  2. Anti-virus security management tool, provided by Kaspersky, one of the global leaders of the anti-virus software. This tool can prevent a wide range of malware, starting from hackers, crypto lockers, and a lot more

  3. Airtel Blue Jeans offers secure video calling options, which grants access to your calls only to those who have permission

These are only a handful of the features available in an Airtel corporate connection. For more information about their services and further clarity on benefits, visit their site right away.


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